NiagaraAX CBUS Integration using Option Card


NiagaraAX CBUS Option Card by Neopsis is the solution for all Tridium partners looking for integration of the Honeywell Excel controller family.


The Option Card provides the same functionality as the standalone IEC interface but in the form of a JACE extension card.


The CBUS driver communicates with a wide range of Excel 5000 controllers. Information from the Excel IRC can be made available via the Excel 5000 controllers (e.g. XL500, XL100 and XL80) by generating remote points in these controllers. The driver links to the CBUS via the Option Card. This converter is a micro processor based device for the physical connection to the CBUS.


The driver runs on all Tridium stations such as Jace or Supervisor and perfectly integrates into the NiagaraAX Workbench. This minimizes the learning curve and provides an efficient way for integration of CBUS with other protocols supported by NiagaraAX.


Key features:
  • Seamless integration into the NiagaraAX framework

  • Flexible sizing up to 3000 points and 30 C-Bus devices per Driver network

  • Reading and writing DDC points of type Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input, Analog Output, Pseudo Digital (Virtual), Pseudo Analog (Virtual), Totalizer (Slow & Fast), Pulse, Multistate

  • Support for C-Bus extended attributes

  • Compatibility with controllers of the Excel 5000 family (XL50, XL80, XL100, XL500 and XL800)

  • NEW alarm integration

  • Full implementation of Excel 5000 Time Schedules