The OPC Server by KZK Ltd. for Honeywell C-Bus is an ideal  solution for system integrators looking to provision OPC connectivity with the Honeywell Excel 5000 family controllers. The OPC server can be installed on Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2008.


As an alternative, we also offer an Option Card interface.


The driver runs on all Tridium stations such as Jace or Supervisor and perfectly integrates into the NiagaraAX Workbench. This minimizes the learning curve and provides an efficient way for integration of CBUS with other protocols supported by NiagaraAX.


Key Benefits:
  • The OPC server is fully compliant with OPC Data Access Standard version 1.0a and 2.04. The Excel alarms are managed by OPC Alarms and Events Specification 1.10.

  • The OPC server is fully compatible with the Excel 5000 family DDC controllers. There is also available separate OPC Server for Excel EMC and IRC Multicontrollers.

  • Connect the OPC server to C-BUS in parallel with Excel Building Supervisor (XBS), Excel Building Supervisor-Integrated (XBS-i) and Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI).

  • The OPC server is available in versions for 255, 1 000, 2 000, 5 000,¬10 000 and 20 000 points.

  • The OPC server can manage up to  80 intelligent converters with maximum of 240.000 points.

Key Features:
  • Built-in simulation mode for testing

  • Ability to synchronize date and time of Excel controllersResponse time up to two second by Change of Value (COV) Exception reporting! (firmware 1.5.xx or higher is required for XL-Controllers)

  • ActiveX Control for editing Time Programs via TCP/IP

  • The client’s configuration is performed by using names

  • The server performs value change notification and cycle reading of defined points (User Address) in PAR file

  • Reading and Writing from DDC points of type: Analog Input/Output, Digital Input/Output, Totalizer, Multistate, Pulse, Pseudo (Virtual) Digital/Analog/Totalizer including extended attributes e.g. LowLimit1, LowLimit2, HighLimit1, HighLimit2, AlarmDelay, SensorOffset, etc.


The functionality has been tested with the following OPC Clients:

  • Reliance 3.5.4 – GEOVAP, Inc.

  • WinCC 6.0 – SIEMENS, AG

  • FactoryLink 7.0 – USDATA, Inc.

  • InTouch OPC Link 7.2 - Wondeware, Inc.

  • Wizcon OPC Client 8.1 - Axeda, Inc.

  • Niagara OPC Client 1.0 - Tridium, Inc.

  • RSView32 6.2 - Rockwell Software, Inc.

  • GENESIS32 6.0 - ICONICS, Inc.

  • iFIX Dynamics 3.0 – Intellution, Inc.

  • Citect OPC Client 5.3 - Ci Technologies, Inc.

  • CIMLICITY HMI 6.0 - GE Fanuc, Inc.

  • SymmetrE 310.1 - Honeywell, Inc.



  1. OPC Datasheet



For pricing, additional information and support details please contact: sales [at] solmatic [dot] ca